Sex Sells in Running

Shout out to Lindsay and All the Single Ladies! In the exploration of sexual advertisements for absurd things such as toliet paper, laundry detergent, and veganism, the world of running creates its own so called sexual ads. As a lady runner, this ad is what its all about. The naked aftermath of a trail run...hot, sweaty, dirty, and naked. Take that Fabio!

Sweat it Off

There is a man named Bikram who used an element of the earth and created "Fire Yoga". I say fire because the room is hot, very hot, approximately 105 degrees Farhenheit hot. In this very hot room, masochistic people come together to practice yoga for 90 minutes doing 26 postures and breathing exercises. Bikram explains that during the session your "muscles are contracted and stretched at a cellular, biochemical level. Lipids and proteins reorganize optimally in such stretching, allowing for better circulation. Joint mobility and range of motion is increased, and strength is built by the use of gravity. Muscles and joints are balanced." These are very good things for runners.

Pre-Bikram, my knees would ache after a long run, my shoulder that was once dislocated throbs, and my posture falls apart. The goal of hot room yoga is to heal your body from the inside out. Of course as I have previously mentioned, ice baths are one solution, but hot room yoga is definatly another. My first hot room yoga class can only be described as intense. 90 minutes - an hour and a half in a 105 degree room. My hair dripped with sweat, more than any run I've ever done. My feet could barely grip the mat due to slippery sweet sweat. This is the point - to sweat. It cleanes the body and afterwards...the feeling is incredable. I am sold on hot room yoga. Every time I walk into the classroom I feel like an active masochist, but the feeling afterward overpowers everything else. Another perk, my PR mile average has decreased. Half marathon here I come: 8 minute mile produced from downward dog.

(Hot Yoga Albuquerque Downtown runs a special ($29 for 30 days) to excite sweat among beginners. Perks of doing hot room yoga habitually: tone, tone, tone and oh yeah, killer abs.
Disclaimer: This is very addicting, procede with caution.)


Hold Your Heels

High Heels vs Tennis Shoes. This is a not a debate that is usually up for grabs, however today it shall be. I attended a formal two weeks in the thought that I would "clean up" for it. Cleaning up being code for wearing shoes that make me taller than my current height of 5'2". Thanks Jessica Simpson for nearly breaking my feet. Those beautiful high heels broke my feet. Not literally, but two weeks later I'm still limping on my right foot. Man (of course this term means all humans) were mad to walk flat footed, so it is no surprise that when your foot is shoved into a tight platform for five hours the after affects are somewhat devasting. I would like to take an x-ray of a woman who only wears flats and then an x-ray of a woman who only wears heels. The heels woman will be in a wheel chair someday. So will these women....
Above: Russian women running in high heels. Next to come: Four russian women had immediate foot amputation after running in high heels and breaking feet.
I am using a heat pad on my foot (cannot and willnot get into an ice bath) and still pain lingers until I open the Motrin bottle. This is a direct result of merely walking in heels. Running? Oh, poor feet, I didn't mean to treat you so bad!