Hold Your Heels

High Heels vs Tennis Shoes. This is a not a debate that is usually up for grabs, however today it shall be. I attended a formal two weeks in the thought that I would "clean up" for it. Cleaning up being code for wearing shoes that make me taller than my current height of 5'2". Thanks Jessica Simpson for nearly breaking my feet. Those beautiful high heels broke my feet. Not literally, but two weeks later I'm still limping on my right foot. Man (of course this term means all humans) were mad to walk flat footed, so it is no surprise that when your foot is shoved into a tight platform for five hours the after affects are somewhat devasting. I would like to take an x-ray of a woman who only wears flats and then an x-ray of a woman who only wears heels. The heels woman will be in a wheel chair someday. So will these women....
Above: Russian women running in high heels. Next to come: Four russian women had immediate foot amputation after running in high heels and breaking feet.
I am using a heat pad on my foot (cannot and willnot get into an ice bath) and still pain lingers until I open the Motrin bottle. This is a direct result of merely walking in heels. Running? Oh, poor feet, I didn't mean to treat you so bad!


  1. Was this a gag--the Russian woman?

    Makes me think about accounts of Chinese women's long treks over mountains with bound feet--or the binding operation itself (which actually induces repeated breaks.

  2. I totally know what you mean- heels are killers.

    But I just thought of somehting- why is it easier to dance in high heels? I have heard that dancers always wear heals for support- it makes it easier to move etc...

    Maybe heels are good for support? They might even be good for running? You should look up some medical tests to see if this is true or not:)

  3. Yeah heels are definitely not runner friendly! I was just watching Dancing with Stars last night and was wandering the same thing as Lindsay. How can they move so quickly and smoothly in those pumps!?

    Here's a true story about the instability of heels: I was at a bar last year and was wearing huge heels. I went down some stairs and stumbled a little because they were like 6 inches tall (bad idea)! The bouncer saw me and kicked me out for being "too drunk." Embarrassing.