At Saucony, We Run.

I have the best running shoes: Saucony Women's ProGrid Guide 2. This is my second pair of Saucony running shoes and my experience with them has caused me to become a creature of habit, I cannot give up my Sauconys. In my newfound loyalty I decided to go to http://www.saucony.com/. The opening page caught my attention immediatly and increased my consumer loyalty-in three seconds. There is a picture of about six people running and underneath it says, "At Saucony, We Run."

I picked marketing as my major because I am extremely suspectable to advertisement. This advertisement, as simple as it is, hooked me.

So, I picked a region and explored. I clicked on technology and read about the shoes I so dedicately put on every day. I know that I like them because they are so soft, I feel like I'm running on a stable cloud. They have just the right amount of give. I learned that the shoes I wear, ProGrid, have a closer-to-the-foot cushioning system for added cushioning and shock absorption. Then, I went to the Community. It got even better. There were five dirty running shoes lined up and above it said, "Community: We are mothers, daughters, fathers, sons. We are athletes, survivors, weekend warriors. We are students and professionals. We are young. We are old. We are devoted, excited, exhausted. When we run, we are one."

One side link provided is Ryan Shay. He was sponsered by Saucony and in his memory the newest cross country shoe by Saucony will be named the Shay XC.

I'm definatly going to have to buy a pair of those. Cheers Saucony.

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  1. Love this stuff. Love all of it! Good idea, I'm a casual runner too. It's so empowering!