The Tour de France is not for Sale!

Lance Armstrong is out of the race this year due to a broken collar bone, but maybe his pain killers have drove him a little mad. There is speculation that this Tour de France superstar wants to own a stake in the most prestigious cycling race. Too bad the family-run French company is not selling. Lay off the pain killers Lance.

However, this ambition is said to reflect the power he holds in racing. (Note: no one man has won the NCAA or the Olypmics eight years in a row in running-in any distance.) Granted, cycling has had drug related scandals and Lance has been accused once or twice. It is interesting to me that Lance would come out of retirement to not only race, but now to own. There is not a central organization of cycling so maybe expanding would help the sport, but come on now, the French family should take action and do with the Tour what Lance wants to do-make more money! There's not much money to be made in cycling with Lance racing. I have to wonder if his injury was caused by an angry poor competitor. Perhaps all the cyclers should follow Lance and start running alongside his biking, it seems to make his biking game pretty intense. Just try to beat his runner's legs on a bike!


  1. I think we can all agree that ole' Lance has gone a little coo-coo! It's important for an athlete to be driven but, I don't think he can let go of his dream. For some people, it's all about working to accomplish a goal and when they acheive it, they don't know what to do with themselves. Case in point: Lance Armstrong. Time to bow out gracefully Lance...

  2. yikes- some athletes go completely insane for a win. It's not enough that he has seven Tour de france's to his name... Honestly, who needs an eighth? especially if money isn't the issue... That's very interesting to me.

    But its important to have a dream- if this is Lance's, then who am I to judge? :))

  3. Yes Shannon I also agree with you here.

    - Mehul

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  4. The case of Lance Armstrong is totally different.
    - Coolflex