Get Muddy, Buddy

Trail running-a world of dirt, mud, grass, and rocky paths. Oh yeah, and there's no cars, payments, or stoplights.

Last week in Albuquerque it rained. Not hard, but hard enough to excite a muddy trail run. I drove East on Indian until the road ended, parked, got out of my jeep and started running. Don't misunderstand me, I like road running, but there's a refreshing and reinvirgorating way to cover a few miles on a trail. I've heard it refered to as "Zen-running" but honestly, I mainly enjoy getting dirty.

Trailing tests agility and strength. The soft earth forces you to use more muscles to keep your stability and, if theres mud invovled, your shoes become significantly heavier. The dirt and mud will fling onto your legs and arms and the end result is not a ideal look for most, but it is defiantly an ideal feeling. Ask the participates of the Colorado 100: a 100 mile trail run in the Colorado outdoors.
Adding trail running into the mix helps improve performance, endurance and it is enjoyable. A 100 mile train run doesn't appeal to me, but running out for 20 minutes and back in an equal or lesser time does. Try to get a footprint in the mud, no body wants sparkling white shoes.

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