Pre Who?

1975 was a good year for Steve Prefontaine. He took hold of the record books placing first
individually in 3 NCAA Cross Country Championships and 4 NCAA Track & Field Championships. He held the record in every event over a mile (2000m, 3000m, 2-mile, 3-mile, 10000m, and 6-mile).

How can one man aged 24 years hold 13 records in one year? He had to win. He quickly became an American favorite and now after his death in the same year of 13 records, he is still an American Running Legend.

Running time example:
4/26/75 10000m (6.25 miles) in 28:09.4 that is approximately 4.4944 minutes per mile for 6 miles.

The phrase "Go Pre" was popular amoung Pre's fans and quickly became seen on numerous shirts. At the 1972 Olympic Trials, a group of Pre fans made shirts that said "Stop Pre." His competiters wore the shirts warming up and the moment is considered a classic track moment. The gun went off and no one stopped Pre. He grabbed a shirt and ran a victory lap holding it in the air.

Why do runners still look up to Pre? It can be summed up in one quote from him, "To give less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."


  1. You talk a lot of t-shirts. Do you have any pics of these? I want to see them!