Running smells like what...

Albuquerque is an ideal training city because of the numerous sunny days and altitude. However, it gets chilly, even cold. Those long cold runs are full of trees without leaves and a burning sensation in your lungs, yet, hark! Spring approaches! I am slowy beginning to breathe in the first smell of spring. It is damp and earthy and pink and white, the same color as the flowers blossoming on the trees. This is my favorite time of year for the smell and the sight coinside wonderously for a runner. Running is mainly a visual sport, but for the few of us who are allergy free, spring means continously sniffing the air from mile one to mile six. The "running smells" are few and far between and most are not as pleasant as spring.

Examples of my personal "running smells":
  • Lemon-lime gatorade: smells like thrist, recharge your electrolytes.
  • Icey Hott: smells like tempo runs and hills, embrace the pain.
  • Outdoor Track in the summer: smells like burning tar.
  • Socks after a run: especially in the summer, smells like sweet sweat (only not so sweet).
  • A new pair of running shoes: better than a new car scent!
  • Chocolate milk: the best long run recovery drink, lactid acid be gone!

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